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A Holistic Approach to Sustainable, Digital EU Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Rural Development based on Reconfigurable Aerial Enablers and Edge Artificial Intelligence-on-Demand Systems

July 2022 - June 2025

CHAMELEON is a Horizon Europe Project that aims to optimise production and identify potential problems in agriculture, livestock, forestry and rural areas. To achieve this, the CHAMELEON Project use a novel reconfigurable drone, able to modify its configuration and sizing upon demand, which can be deployed in homogeneous or heterogeneous groups to support complex scenarios, as well as a set of existing heterogeneous, modular, interoperable, networked unmanned vehicles systems.
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Landscape resilience knowledge alliance for agriculture and forestry in the Mediterranean basin

December 2022 - November 2025

ResAlliance (complete name “Landscape resilience knowledge alliance for agriculture and forestry in the Mediterranean basin”) is a thematic network project funded by the Horizon Europe Programme of the European Union. The aim is to provide foresters and farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement innovative landscape resilience solutions.
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Fostering Agro-ecological transition in North Africa through multi-actors design, evaluation and networking

December 2022 - November 2026

The EU-funded NATAE project will set up a Mediterranean agroecological network for knowledge exchange and advocacy at regional level. The project will support a multi-actor approach to co-creation and co-learning. It will facilitate the transfer of generated knowledge to education and policies, bringing together 23 partners (academic institutes and NGOs) from Europe and North Africa regions, the project will develop a guidebook and unique assessment systems to study the resilience of farming systems.
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Dynamic information management approach for the implementation of climate resilient adaptation packages in European regions

October 2021 - September 2025

IMPETUS will develop and validate a coherent cross-sectoral climate change adaptation framework to accelerate the transition towards a climate-neutral and sustainable economy, empowering citizens and societal actors in the codesign of adaptation packages and related implementation pathways.
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A Holistic Fire Management Ecosystem for Prevention, Detection and Restoration of Environmental Disasters

December 2021 - May 2025

The TREEADS project will adopt a holistic forest fire management approach based on the deployment of a comprehensive forest fire management system covering all interconnected stages of prevention & preparedness, detection & response as well as restoration & adaptation
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