Increasing concern over issues on food and uses of natural products in the Mediterranean area has formed the basis for a Master’s of Science (M.Sc.) degree on “Food Quality and Chemistry of Natural Products”. The programme is chemistry oriented and aims at the specialisation of students in Food Quality concepts, Food Authenticity, various aspects of Natural Product Chemistry and at the valorisation of Agrifood Renewable Sources for added value products. The postgraduate programme promotes expertise on quality control and various natural product applications as well as on high technology up-to-date laboratory instrumentation of analytical and preparative scope. The attainment of the M.Sc. degree qualifies them to successfully continue their doctorate studies and/or pursue an expert’s career in both the public and private sector.


  • to impart advanced knowledge in the area of food chemical composition and food technology aspects.
  • to introduce indispensable notions of quality, authenticity and safety in all levels of production of food or other products.
  • to present current advances for the isolation, characterisation and application of natural products.
  • to provide laboratory experience in food and natural product analysis.