The Horticultural Genetics & Biotechnology Department offers a two-year Master of Science degree programme for scientists holding a university bachelor’s degree in agronomy, biology, horticulture, agricultural engineering, chemistry, plant science or any related field. The department’s master’s programme aims to educate students with high-quality courses and laboratory research focused on plant molecular physiology, horticultural genetics and plant biotechnology.

The department provides students with theoretical knowledge and laboratory skills. Many students who complete the MSc program in the department are awarded fellowships that enable them to earn PhDs at prestigious European and North American universities.

First-year students receive a solid theoretical background and practical training, leading to the attainment of a D.S.P.U. certificate (an Advanced Post-University Diploma). They attend lectures and laboratory courses in the following fields: Introduction to Advanced Biology and Biotechnological Tools, Applied Genetics, Arabidopsis Genetics, and Horticultural Biotechnology.

In the second year of the master’s programme, students who have successfully completed the first year will develop advanced molecular biology technical skills and independent thinking skills by working on research projects in modern, well-equipped laboratories in order to earn a Master of Science degree.