3rd CIHEAM-MAICh Alumni Gathering

URL: http://alumni2023.maich.gr/

Many "strange" events have taken place over the years since our last Gathering in 2019: COVID 19, war in Europe, migration, and the energy crisis are just some of them. Despite these inhibiting factors, we gain inspiration from your enthusiasm and interest in organizing the 3rd CIHEAM-MAICh Alumni Gathering, which is to be held on Thursday, 27 July 2023.

This year the gathering will focus on "CIHEAM-The Mediterranean Crossroad to Youth Empowerment" How has CIHEAM helped your mobility and how were you empowered/motivated to achieve your dreams in your early steps? Have you migrated to another country? Are you back home in your own country?

Seniors’ Experience as a benefit to Youth Empowerment: we would love to have some presentations made by Senior Alumni on “tips” to successfully plan the next steps to further professional or personal development.

Τhe previous 2 gatherings in 2015 and 2019 were held with great success, and we hope to get as much or an even higher attendance in 2023.

We will try to organize an unforgettable reunion! In order to make this come true, we need your support and participation!