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Systematizing Collaboration amongst Business and Educational institutions
// SCOBE //

Project Summary

The SCOBE project aims to face the mismatching, by providing a TOOLKIT FOR SYSTEMATIZING THE COLLABORATION amongst the WORLD OF BUSINESS and the WORLD OF VOCATIONAL TRAINING; and validating it by the creation of a BLENDED LEARNING PROGRAMME tailored to the real skills demanded in the renewable energy field.

Download PDF about the third partner meeting in in Blyth, Northumberland (UK) here.

Download PDF about SCOBE windpower training courses here.


LP: Vea Qualitas, S.L. - Spain

Partners :
  • GMI AERO SAS - France
  • CIHEAM-Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania - Greece
  • Acrosslimits LTD - Malta
  • SOLARTECH - Hungary
  • Accentuate (North East) Limited - U.K.