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Pilot project for long term monitoring and evaluation of the natural populations of native aromatic and medicinal plants in the Prefecture of Chania

Project Summary

The project will develop and apply a pilot programme for the management of native aromatic and medicinal plants in the Prefecture of Chania, Crete with the aim to secure their sustainable use.

The project focuses on four plant species native to Crete, namely Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum (oregano), Salvia fruticosa (sage), Sideritis syriaca subsp. syriaca (malotira, a local mountain tea) and Origanum microphyllum (Cretan marjoram). The present situation of collections and exploitation/marketing of wild populations will be assessed and evaluated and a long-term pilot programme for monitoring and assessing their conservation status and management will be developed and put into force.

The project results are expected to become an important tool for decision-makers of relevant authorities in order to take prompt and accurate actions for the management of these natural resources and their protection from overexploitation.



Source of funding : Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change /Green Fund, Greece
Total budget : 140 000,00 €
Partners :
  • Forest Directorate of Chania - Greece