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MEDFORVAL: High ecological value Mediterranean forests network

Project Summary

The MEDFORVAL project, “Network of forested territories of high ecological value”, aims to enhance collaboration between actors from different sectors in the Mediterranean region on concrete actions to protect, manage or restore the ecological values of the forest sites, through networking.

High ecological value is a concept insufficiently developed and not enough spread; the project will help better define it, and disseminate it to the greatest number of concerned actors.; the project aims to define better and to disseminate the concept to reach a broader audience. A reflexion has led to the qualification of three attributes

of forested areas:

- Dynamics and ecosystem functioning (free or managed),

- Age and maturity of the forested area ,

- Diversity of the forest (vulnerability - rarity, richness).

The project is managed by a Steering Committee formed by four people who ensure the smooth running of the program established .The Advisory Committee is to provide advice to the proper functioning of the project.

This project is funded by MAVA Foundation for Nature and is part of the actions of AIFM’s (International Association for Mediterranean Forests), in particular in the framework of the Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests (CPMF) and Strategic Framework for Mediterranean forests.

Source of funding : MAVA Foundation for Nature (main donor), AIFM
Programme and Contact references : MEDFORVAL and is part of the actions of AIFM’s (International Association for Mediterranean Forests) (