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Design of an intelligent system of sustainable managemetn of water networks: An application on Crete
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Project Summary

The project is based on the Management Plan for the water resources of Crete, which focuses on the needs for sustainable water management, through the long term protection of water resources and strengthening the protection of the water environment through monitoring for water pollutants and effectively blocking their dispersion in the water network. Furthermore, the project is consistent with the goals of EEA 2009-2014, as it introduces a multicriteria methodology. The main objective is the improvement of management of inland water resources, through a smart, decision making environment, which will take into account every aspect of the involved systems. A direct consequence of the realization of such a holistic management scheme will be to ensure water quality, sustain water demand, minimize water resources losses, reduce operating costs and ultimately reduce the corresponding cost of water both for large consumers and for regular end users. The main expectation is to increase knowledge and awareness of the protection and management of water bodies suffering from environmental problems. It will create an integrated, smart management system of inland water resources, based on the detailed geographical and technical topology of the network. By using relevant data (input-output amounts, water quality, energy requirements), it will provide the network administrator with the ability to operate the network on an optimal and sustainable resources basis. The viability and the potential advantages of the proposed management scheme will be validated by analytical computer simulation of an existing hydro-irrigation network. The results aim at policy makers (in terms of management of water resources), at local water managers and distributors and at consumers. A significant number of citizens are expected to obtain direct benefits from the implementation of the project which will result in optimal and sustainable management of water resources and reduced cost.


Technical University of Crete - Greece

Source of funding : EEA Grants
Programme and Contact references : GR02-0013
Total budget : 44 000,00 €