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COVID-19: what has the CIHEAM done so far?

The 13 Member States of the CIHEAM (Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia and Turkey) have been facing a very serious pandemic due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) for several weeks since February 2020. The host countries of the CIHEAM Mediterranean Agronomic Institutes located in Bari (Italy), Chania (Greece), Montpellier (France) and Zaragoza (Spain) are amongst the most affected in the Mediterranean region.

The CIHEAM has obviously implemented the preventive measures taken by the host countries, including the lockdown. The CIHEAM fully supports these preventive measures, such as washing hands regularly and observe social distancing. They should be strictly respected by the entire CIHEAM community to help to defeat the coronavirus. In addition, the CIHEAM has decided to set up a new corporate working group made up of representatives of the General Secretariat and of its 4 Institutes to tackle this issue, in particular:

  • to closely monitor the situation in the host countries and in the Institutes and to report main updates to each corresponding Director.
  • to reinforce internal communication
  • to share procedures and good practices about working conditions, sanitary equipment, continuity of services, with a joint approach on detection measures and the best ways to deal with the situation
  • to update and keep informed on the new measures implemented to protect both the staff (including remote working) and the students, while maintaining close contact with them, i.e. dealing with issues including online training courses, internships, life in the campus (accommodation, food, sanitary measures); follow-up on the research and/or cooperation activities as well as personnel abroad.


CIHEAM MAIChania ensures the safety of its staff and students by keeping them constantly informed about the newly introduced rules and regulations appointed by the Greek Ministry of Health and the WHO and encourages remote working although staff is free to choose between remote working or being present at the institute since there has not yet been a positive COVID19 case in Chania.

All student lectures take place New directions on restriction measures will be announced on the 4th of May by the Government and they are expected to be more flexible in terms of transportation and employment.

Entrance to the Institutes premises is strictly forbidden with the exception of courier and food deliveries. Sanitizers have been placed all over the common spaces and masks have been distributed to the students.

24/7 psychological support is provided to our students free of charge.

The restaurant is operating by providing personal meals to the students that are to be consumed inside their rooms.

CIHEAM MAIChania Staff has been communicating through telecommunication and we is avoiding personal contact to the extent that it is possible.