Mediterranean Forest Management


·         to overview the Mediterranean forest resources ·         to identify important ecological and management issues on Shrub land and Forest ·         Adaptation of Mediterranean Forest to Environmental constrains ·         to analyse the sustainable management of grasslands, phryganic ecosystems, shrub lands and forests ·         to describe the forest restoration cases of Mediterranean region



Learning Outcomes

·         Knowledge of the peculiarities of Mediterranean natural resources ·         Capacity to identify management objectives of the various Mediterranean natural resources ·         Capacity to evaluate the status of the Mediterranean of forest resources ·         Capacity to propose restoration measures in Mediterranean region  


Overview of Mediterranean natural resources. Ecological and management issues pertaining to their management. Ecological factors and processes involved. Adaptation capacity of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems. Threats to their conservation. Restoration of degraded forest ecosystem in Mediterranean region. Sustainable management of Mediterranean grasslands, phryganic ecosystems, shrublands, forests and Forest plantation.  

Content Delivery

The component is delivered through taught lectures, group discussions, and classroom and field exercises. Students are expected to complete an oral assignment and present it in the class.  

Coursework And Assignment Details

Oral presentations. Each student will receive a published research or review paper dealing with any of the subjects discussed in the class. The paper should be presented orally (with a power point) in front of the class for 10 minutes, while 5 minutes will be left at the end for the audience to ask questions and make comments.   Evaluation criteria. Students will be evaluated at the end based on the following two criteria: ·         Performance on a written exam containing 4 questions related to the material presented in the class (70% of the final grade) ·         Performance on the oral presentation (30% of the final grade)