CIHEAM MAI Chania Alumni Gatherings

All CIHEAM-MAICh Alumni are invited to join the 2nd Gathering which will take place on Friday, 23 August 2019 at the International Conference Center of MAICh.
For more information about the meeting please visit the following link

All of MAICh’s past students are invited to become part of an online network directory that helps them stay in touch with each other and continue to feel a part of MAICh after their graduation. The network is designed to facilitate connections and to intercommunication activities for both social and business opportunities.

MAICh’s communication with the Alumni is via web and email. In this way, MAICh is able to share the latest news and ensure that students continue to be a part of the MAICh community.

Alumni Mission and Vision


To develop and strengthen ties between our Alumni and MAICh itself by sharing news and announcing events, including networking opportunities and the opportunity to connect with and inspire students and graduates. MAIch encourages Alumni to engage with the various Department for future research purposes, in order that all Alumni feel like welcome and valued members of the MAICh community.


  • A respectful programme that welcomes and engages alumni of all ages, as well as their families and friends.
  • A community of active alumni who contribute to the goals of the above programme, and act as ambassadors for MAICh.
  • Promotion of MAICh for potential students in MAICh’s fields of interest.
  • Accessible and innovative promotion of MAICh’s research interests.

The 1st CIHEAM-MAICh Alumni Gathering

The 1st CIHEAM-MAICh Alumni Gathering took place on the 21st August 2015, a date which constitutes the initiative for successful networking of former MAICh students, bringing together more than 150 graduates from 31 countries back to the campus. Students from all the academic years, right from the first year of MAICh's operation in 1985 joined in the event and revived the strongly forged friendships that were made during the study years of the participants, showing the potential influence that such a gathering can have.

The 2nd CIHEAM-MAICh Alumni Gathering is scheduled to take place in summer 2019.