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Cooperation with research & educational centers of Crete to tackle post-Covid tourism

Cooperation with research & educational centers of Crete to tackle post-Covid tourism Reliable scientific tools for research and analysis of the situation created by the global coronavirus crisis are being drafted by EOT to effectively plan for the next day in the post-covid period of Greek tourism. By decision of the General Secretary of EOT, Mr. Dimitris Fragakis, this joint national effort sees the participation of: The Technical University of Crete, and in particular the Laboratory for Data Analysis and Prediction, with important work in the field of scientific data collection for the course of dealing with the pandemic not only in Greece but also in foreign countries


The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, which studies the evolution of tourism and the sustainability of destinations, while conducting ongoing research, over the course of many years, on visitors’ satisfaction levels, drawing extremely useful conclusions about the Greek tourist product. In this context, a teleconference with the General Secretary of EOT Mr. Dimitris Fragakis and other executives took place today, including the professors of the Technical University of Crete Dr. George Atsalakis and Dr. Konstantinos Zopounidis, as well as the Director of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Dr. George Baourakis. During the teleconference, after assessing the situation regarding the effects of the coronavirus on this summer season’s tourism, it was agreed in principle to provide data containing country statistics to EOT concerning the foreign tourism market, in order to design and implement a strong campaign to promote the advantages of our country abroad. Towards these efforts, the contribution of both educational institutions to EOT is very important.

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