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Child Care Center volunteer awards

11 February 2017

On February 1, 2017, CIHEAM MAI.Chania was awarded for its provision of help and assistance over the years, at a celebration organized by the Children and Young Persons' Protection and Welfare Unit of the Social Welfare Centre of the Region of Crete in cooperation with the Municipality of Chania.  The Child Care Center for Boys in Chania wanted to reward CIHEAM MAI.Chania along with other volunteers, associations and institutions that have contributed to strengthening the psychology of the children hosted in its structures.
The Child Care Center for boys in Chania has its roots in the beginning of the last century with the establishment of the National Orphanage for Boys of Chania that was designed to protect and care the orphaned boys who were victims of war. Today it hosts twenty-two children and young people who are studying in the Primary, Secondary and Higher Education.